Iced latte saved my life

Well, two iced lattes actually. Yesterday, I was presenting at an implementation workshop in Westminster. It was the hottest day for 7 years apparently. It was over 32°C in London. Just riding on the tube was enough to make you sweat. It really gets hot down there.

So when I got near the venue, I went looking for some kind of cold coffee type beverage. I ended up just round the corner, in Victoria ... where I found a Coffee Republic.

[Photo taken from google street view]

So I went in and bought an iced latte - and didn't regret it. Then, in the afternoon, when my presentation was over (which was in a non air-conditioned room) and I was baking hot, I went back to Coffee Republic for another one.

I then journeyed back down into the tube, with my iced latte and the ice cubes still rattling round inside the cup. There were many envious (even desperate) glances from other passengers as I sipped on my ice cold coffee. Sorry guys.

So, if you're in the Westminster/Victoria area of London, try the Coffee Republic down there. The coffee was great and the service came with a smile too. I expect I'll be going back next time...