MicroPDP-11 installed inside the case

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, so I decided to have a tidy up in my office/workshop/third bedroom. What actually happened was that I saw the grotty looking dusty case for my PDP-11 and decided to clean it (it was in pretty bad shape since I bought it). Having cleaned it I then decided to put the machine inside the actual case. So now the office looks just the same, except the PDP-11 looks much better. Some progress I suppose. Here are some photos of the end result:

In the case, image #1

In the case, image #2

Isn't she beautiful? During this process I have learned:

- the machine is much heavier than I remember
- I really need to find a front cover to finish it off
- the word "PDP-11" in english is apparently feminine

Now it's in one piece, I have even fired the machine up and can report that it still runs fine.  Phew!  I didn't break it.