DALIS - proof of concept

For the last week I've been writing an experimental cloud-based programming language in the evenings (as you do).  The language has just reached the point where it can actually do something... So I’ve ported my ASCII Mandelbrot drawing program from C, take look at these screenshots:

DALIS code view

That's the source code, and ...

The output of the program

... that's the output it gives. 

Not bad, I think.  The language syntax needs lots more work, as does the parser, but it’s good enough to prove *something*.  I’ve set it to do timeslices; the code runs for so many milliseconds (whilst rendering the page on the webserver) and then returns the results, with the program state hidden inside the html.  The next page request picks up where it left off, so you can actually watch the Mandelbrot as it is being drawn.  It’s not fast, but it does actually work.  I’m sure I’ll optimise it.  Well it’s an idea ... I'm still not sure if it’s a good idea though!  But it has been fun, so I'll spend a bit more time on it at least.