Using my Fez Touch

Carrying on my journey of running DALIS programs on the .Net Micro Framework, here is a photo showing some actual screen output:

...apart from having to upgrade the firmware on my Fez Panda to get the screen drivers working it was pretty painless. I have some more work to do yet, I have only written the absolute basics of writing to the screen, but I know it can all be done. I think that I'll probably try to get an IDE 40 pin male to female cable, which will allow me to connect the Fez Touch to the Fez Panda using a flexible cable. Performance of running DALIS programs is not great, so I may have to try and do some optimisation. Having said that, DALIS was never designed to be a high performance language anyway.

Microprocessor virtualisation

On one of my web-wanderings I discovered a piece of software called VMLAB. It allows you to build a virtual prototype of a microprocessor circuit, without any actual hardware! Very cool.  Even better - it's freeware.  This had to be downloaded and tried out :-)

Since I have recently been messing about with HD44780 compatible LCD displays, I couldn't resist trying that.  So here is an example I knocked up:

Virtual LCD and microprocessor in VMLAB

Not bad ... an ATmega168 driving an HD44780 compatible LCD all done virtually, without all that mucking about with actual hardware.  I did try sending some user defined characters to the virtual LCD, but that didn't seem to work, maybe that was pushing it.