TCP/IP Sockets in C

I've recently bought TCP/IP Sockets in C: Practical Guide for Programmers and it's one of the best programming books I've bought in ages. I don't think that I've enjoyed thumbing through a programming book this much since the 1980s. Seriously. I saw it over a year ago in Cambridge Central Library and immediately liked it, but at the time I was not doing any work on *nix type OSes, so decided that it would be a waste to get my own copy. Now I have the Raspberry Pi of course, so that's different.

So I've already written a very trivial web server in C, which runs as a daemon and is multi-threaded. That took me about two hours to do. When I've tried it on the Raspberry Pi (I hope to do that soon) then I'll post it in case anybody else want their RasPi to present an interface that's accessible from a browser.